1-Card CheckIN

1-Card Check IN provides an easy-to-use, straight forward mobile application to validate a student via their 1-Card. Check IN accepts either a magnetic stripe or contactless card through a standard tablet or smart phone.  Simply present the card and Check IN will verify that the account has proper permissions for event entry.  The transaction will be recorded for future reporting and data mining including information such as location, account, date/time, terminal, event, and more.


1-Card CheckIN allows for attended transactions where a campus staff member will accept the card and monitor the transaction as well as self service transactions performed by the card holder.  Each transaction will display the card holder’s photo and information, a green check mark for a valid transaction, or a red X for a decline. Check IN is also configurable to track both entry and exits if time and attendance functions are required.

Use Check IN anywhere you need to accept a card for verification or time and attendance.  It doesn’t get any easier than 1-Card CheckIN.