1-Card Mobile for Administrators

Our suite of applications for campus card administrators allows the acceptance of 1-Card on defined smart phones, whether through the physical card or 1-Card Mobile applications.  No special or proprietary hardware is needed to process transactions.  Administrators will also be able to manage the campus’ 1-Card System while on the go –right from their smart phone.

1-Card Mobile Admin


DCL Campus Solutions ECSI’s 1-Card Mobile Admin gives campus administrators the power of 1-Card in the palm of their hand, providing them with access to student account information and the licensed functions and features of the Campus 1-Card System. 1-Card Mobile Admin allows for account transaction history reporting, balance reporting, deactivating a student account, locating an account by last transaction, viewing account access privileges and account information, terminal setup and troubleshooting, managing account funds, and so much more.  An administrator will even be able to take a student’s photo from Mobile Admin and print their ID — a great tool for creating campus cards during orientations or at carding events.





The mAuthenticateTM application combines the versatility and flexibility of mobile devices with the power of DCL’s 1-Card System to provide enhanced 1-Card transactions.  This application allows for campus personnel to accept  1-Card  for various functions such as activity privilege, meal plan, financial debit transactions, deposits, and student information display — all from iOS or Android devices via Wi-Fi or mobile broadband.





1-Card mAuthenticateTM is enabled by campuses utilizing the campus 1-Card system with proper licensing and configuration.  Approved magnetic stripe or contact less card reader devices can be utilized to accept the campus 1-Card through mAuthenticateTM.  Receipts can be sent to cardholders via e-mail or printed through approved connected receipt printers.  Manual account entry is supported as well as acceptance of transactions via 1-Card Mobile applications.




Features of mAuthenticateTM include:card4

  • 1-Card Debit Transactions
  • Activity Privilege Verification
  • Meal Plan Acceptance
  • Financial Deposits
  • 1-Card Mobile Acceptance
  • Card Holder Photo Display
  • Manual Account Entry
  • Enabled For Approved Magnetic Stripe And Contact less
  • Card Readers
  • E-Mail Or Printed Receipt