1-Card Mobile is a unique, mobile-based technology from that enables campus administrators to offer students a single point of access to campus life. It is a proven success at colleges and universities nationwide.

1-Card Mobile is the only mobile application that acts as a single point of access to campus life — combining student ID functionality with electronic payment processing and access control.  This enhances the whole student experience while providing multiple benefits to campus administrators.  The flexible application also gives students the ability to manage their card account, view transactions, deposit funds, deactivate their account, and even upload an ID photo.

Students today live their lives through their mobile phones, so DCL redesigned the entire campus mobile technology model to create a mobile application that provides multi-dimensional convenience to students, peace of mind to parents, and a breakthrough technology for campus administrators.  Streamline operations, increase sales, improve the student experience, and enhance the school’s image among your student population.


1-Card Mobile Campus Administrator Benefits:

  • Increase sales for campus events, dining halls, vending machines, bookstores, etc.
  • Enhance the entire student experience and reduce student attrition.
  • Improve school image to help with recruiting and retaining increasingly mobile students.
  • Significantly reduce paperwork to support green initiatives.
  • Provide more data and help automate information for more effective communication
  • With students and parents.
  • Configurable with most existing DCL 1-Card platforms and scalable to size
  • Based on preferences.
  • Variable pricing structure based on desired functionality.
  • Streamline many campus operations and save money.

1-Card Mobile Student and Parent Benefits

  • Students get more secure, sustainable payment and ID convenience that enhances
  • Their entire college experience.
  • Enhanced convenience of using a smart phone to access campus information and all
  • The functionality of their campus card.
  • Parents get peace of mind by controlling how much money is placed in secure, prepaid
  • 1-Card student accounts.

With 1-Card Mobile you have the ability to configure icons within the application to provide up to the minute information to your students or launch other mobile applications.  Students will be able to:

  • View a campus map or the bus schedule.
  • Find out what athletic events or activities are scheduled for the weekend.
  • Connect to the campus with social media.
  • See what is on the menu for lunch in the dining hall.
  • View the times that the recreation center is open.
  • View the semester calendar.
  • Browse the campus directory for phone numbers or emails for their professors.
  • Contact campus security in the event of an emergency.
  • Order food from off-campus restaurants.
  • And so much more!