Keep your campus safer and improve the efficiency of your safety department with 1Card Campus Solutions for Access and Security System.

Only students, faculty, staff and registered guests will have access to residence halls, classrooms, labs and other secure areas using their 1Card or contactless tag. By integrating the 1Card system with your current security program, you can improve safety for your students, faculty, staff and facilities — and know when help is needed.

With the 1Card Access, you will:

   ●  have many options for door hardware, including wired, wireless, electronic strike or magnetic locks.  We’ve

   ●  partnered with Ingersol Rand to offer the best price and latest technologies to our customers. Whether you are

   ●  looking for biometric readers or the ability to unlock doors with a mobile application, we have your solution. Click

  ●  here for a demonstration of myAccess, our mobile access solution.

  ●  have a variety of card types available, from standard mag stripe to state of the art smart cards.

  ●  be able to consolidate security control using a single controller for multiple doors.

  ●  maintain control even in off-line conditions — all door controllers automatically store lists of authorized persons and  access history.

  ●  receive detailed reports of your alarm and access history including information about the card holder,  location, date and time of entry, and denied access attempts.

 To take security to the next level at your campus, we offer Master Security Monitor.  Master Security Monitor serves as your central  dispatch station.  With Master Security Monitor, you can:

  ●  consolidate security control using a single controller for multiple doors, viewing all alarms via one  security panel and generating status reports about your operations.

  ●  incorporate your security camera system.  We are teaming with video analytics company, Milestone,        for a complete camera integration.

  ●  import a map of your campus identifying alarm areas.