Activities & Event Management

activityKeep your activities and events running efficiently and manage your recreation facilities easily with DCL’s 1-Card Activities and Events Management System.

Activities and Events Management allows you to control who has access to events and facilities, reserve and rent equipment, define and control memberships, manage who can utilize various campus services, run campus voting and sell tickets to events.


With Activities and Events Management you can:

  • Reduce event logistic hassles.
  • Monitor class and activity attendance.
  • Host web-based campus elections using 1-card.
  • Define events, a series of events, services and variable services such as football games, season basketball tickets, use of the health center, or an annual membership for the pool.
  • Preset the total number of attendees allowed at an event and whether they can bring guests.
  • Control entry to events and facilities for those that are allowed entry, have purchased a ticket, or signed up for a service.

Manage memberships to recreation facilities for individuals or families.


  • Reserve and/or rent athletic, computer, or audio/visual equipment throughout campus.
  • Receive data on who is attending events to assist with marketing efforts.
  • Manage on-line assigned ticket sales to students and
  • Community members for campus venues including
  • Theaters, sports arenas, and concert halls.
  • Utilize one consistent database for all 1-card related functions.
  • Verify activity privilege through mobile applications.