Vehicle access Management in Campus

RFID Smart card vehicle access management system conducts vehicle access control and parking and charging management by using Smart card as information carrier. Card reader can automatically validate cardholder’s identity to determine whether let the vehicle pass through or whether hold it up so as to charge parking fees and take photos to file.


With 1-Card Parking you can:

  • Register vehicles and assign permit numbers.
  • Easily find a vehicle owner by searching permit number, license plate, or make, model, and color of the vehicle.
  • Use 1-card mobile admin to search on vehicle information or view cars registered to a specific person.
  • Control access to gated lots through the use of our access control terminals.
  • Assign or sell parking plans that limit access to parking lots or facilities to certain days and times.
  • Define parking locations with total number of spots — smart enough to deny access once the maximum number of spots has been reached.
  • Issue parking citations from hand-held terminals and manage payment of fines.
  • Charge for parking based upon time, such as BDT5 for the first hour and BDT2 each additional hour.
  • Allow students and staff to register their vehicles on-line and purchase parking plans or parking permits in advance.
  • Issue temporary parking permits immediately for printing and dashboard display.